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A web application that syncs PracticeFusion with Microsoft HealthVault. This is our submission to Health 2.0 Challenge.
Health 2.0 Challenge Submission (pdf)

In addition to Synchronizing PF and HV, it also allows for upload of data from a hacked Escali weight scale

We took the PatientFusionSync application live on the Web, still uses HV test environment, but that will likely change soon.

Initial Blog on the Health 2.0 site

Escali Scale at Amazon
MicroLife Blood Pressure Monitor that works with HealthVault

Here is a < 4 minute... summary of what we did.... this is what I am going to present at the conference...

Here is the 13 minute video of what we did... this was the first video we shot and our actual submission...
Youtube intro video to show Escali Scale Hack and PatientFusionSync HealthVault Application....

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